Our Purpose

The Jacksonville Beach Church of Christ exists to bring glory to God through our relationship with Him, our love for one another, and by carrying the love of Christ to the world.

Core Values

We believe that if the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is to accomplish its purpose, then it must be a SAFE PLACE for Christians and Seekers alike to develop and grow in a real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as other Christians. Jesus accepts us as we are, and we seek to extend that same grace to one another. From that atmosphere of grace, we grow and mature into the people God created us to be. Our congregation’s core values are reflected in the acronym:


Our Mission

“The Jacksonville Beach Church of Christ is committed to love God, love Others, and serve Others."

Our mission focuses on:

CONNECTING: We believe our assemblies and worship should seek to draw the worshippers into the presence of God by lifting up His name, and glorifying Him in Spirit (sincerely) and Truth (honestly).

GROWING: We believe that every member is vital to the body of Christ and must be equipped, loved, cared for, and challenged be engaged in ministry in order to be “conformed to the image of Christ.” (Romans 8:29)

SERVING: We believe the need for evangelism is seen in the human condition—“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Rom. 3:23) We seek, therefore, to reconcile people everywhere to God by proclaiming the gospel message and by being living witnesses of the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Our vision shows us where we can be as we live out our divine purpose and mission individually and collectively. Because of God’s love for us and His calling, we seek to bring glory to Him by living our lives according to the following views:

We envision that every member of the Jacksonville Beach Church of Christ will purposefully…